Ft. Ord


    Today I sold off my old Ibis Ti stem.  wow... i think i had that stem for about 16 years.  it blows my mind to think of all the rides in those years.  the bikes i've gone thru...


the way i use to ride, simply the past i guess... or maybe its simply this "thing" that happens to symbolize a time frame.  I dont know.  at any rate, it was a trip to send it off.  i mean... wow.

   So I've been on this trippy circuit of bicycles lately.  The Big Dummy, hauling stuff around, and any kind of errands, especially groceries, and running things to and from storage.  The Hunter 29er, I've spent most of my time on, as I've found it fast enough to ride on the road with my local club, Velo Club Monterey, all with a set of WTB Vulpine 29x2.1" tires.  I'm amazed with these tires.  Its amazing because, they work so well in the dirt, and they are plenty fast on the pavement.  The Hunter is a great bike..

    Since the stem sold today, I had to run out to storage, and dig it up.  While there, I decided to grab the road bike, and toss that into the routine too.  


BOB trailer bags are great for transporting the road bike.  Simply use one bag for the front, and another for the rear.  Put the wheels in wheelbags, load into FreeLoaders, and maybe use an extra strap thru the SnapDeck to cinch things down.

the road bike hardly gets ridden at all.  in fact, at times I think about selling it.  so i rode it today thru Pebble Beach, and along the hills of Monterey.  The form, the geometry, the positioning of being on the road bike is awkward to me, and i have to laugh to myself about that... its just that it's been along time since I've done any ridding on the road bike.  I guess tomorrow I'll go do a nice road ride, and see if I cant get comfortable on it again.  I think I'll give the road bike a try for the next week or so.