Hecho en Watsonville

    This past wednesday, I rode the Big Dummy up to Watsonville and stayed at Sunset State Beach.  I brought the tipi, and a slimed down packing list.  

    By the time I managed to get packed up and actually out the door, and down the road, it was now the afternoon, and the wind was coming right off the ocean at about 20mph.  White caps on the bay.  My mind likes to wonder back to R/C Gliders and how much i miss my old stuff.  The hawks and peregrines make play on slope.IMG_0093

    The night at Sunset Beach was nice, the tipi and a fire is the whole deal really.  its amazing how much luxury heat is.  The tipi stove vents the smoke right out the top, the tipi itself deflects air, and its designed to be adjustable, so that you can let it vent in various ways.

    the stove is also a stove of course, and of course you can cook on it too.


this is veggie burger, tortilla, and avocado, with a cup of green tea.


check out the flame coming out the chimney


the stove gets red hot!  it amazing how much heat fire puts off.

    Thursday morning I went over to Rick Hunter's place and picked up the 29er MTB i had custom ordered some time back.  IMG_0126

with the slimed down packing job, it was fun to ride home from Watsonville with the frame wrapped up in a sheet.

today i managed to get a few moments to work on it.  I installed the headset, stem, handle bar, steatpost and set, wheels, and the front brake.  



pretty nice bike... wow!  it should be fast....