LA calling

My brother Dylan;


is in the ICU at Cedars-Sinai on a respirator and conscious sedation.  A couple days ago, he went in to the ER because he was so sick that he could barely breath.  Seems that an abscess was somewhere in his trachea/bronchia, and he ended up having an emergency surgery.

I'm off to SoCal to be with my family and see what is going on.

The Big Dummy is loaded up.


I hope to be able to use AmTrak and make the 9hr train ride down south to Union Station.

the trip is has no definitive duration. i have no idea when i will be back.  A trip to Ventura is probably on the agenda.  Simply to go back and visit my grandparents and dad.  lets hope that goes well.

Dylan being in the ICU, obviously is a bummer.  Crazy kid.  I hope he will be well.  Just the other day, as the Big Dummy arrived, built up, etc.  i had converted the Xtracycle rig back to a regular MTB complete with BOB Trailer, mostly for his use.  As I've been trying for so long to entice him into a touring trip.  

or if nothing else, just a trip up here to Monterey, where the air is clean, the locale pleasant, and Big Sur so close.  a great place to ride bikes, and be outside.

for now, instead I am going back down south.  lets hope that he has a speedy recovery and maybe sometime this year he can be on the bike.