Monterey, once again...



       In short my efforts in Ventura came to be a huge fiasco.  Ultimately, I learned that even at 39 years old, I am still the kid, and still the grandkid.  My family was not ready for me to be there.  The breaking point was an altercation with my father.  Therefore I simply have removed myself from the situation.

With that said, I’ve come back to The Monterey Peninsula, to find there are no jobs here for me, and luckily my girlfriend has let me stay with her.  

In an expedited manner, the notion of me being On The Road, has come to the forefront.  I continue to sell off my belongings, and re-arranging the essential items I already have.  My heart pulls to be out of doors, on the bike, and out in Nature.  

The days are rolling by fast, my progress along a time line, and the inevitable “Ramble” is approaching.  I love the Spring.  Altho it is still officially Winter, the days are getting longer, and I have come to realize how stressed I was, and how crucial it is for me to get plenty of rest.  These days I find myself relaxed, and dreaming of the outdoors.