More about bikes...

    As things keep changing, my new Hunter 29er MTB is quickly becoming my favorite bike.  The new bike is always the favorite, right?  Pretty much.  but this is different... right.

   Well, it is different.  Very different.  Its different simply by default of where I am in my life, my bicycle practice, and the evolution of bicycle product availability.  This bike comes to me after a solid 2 years of riding the Pug, and Xtracycle.  Not to mention its been almost 3 years without a car.  All that time I've spent riding big heavy bikes, with a cargo load, has brought me into a new form. Not to mention I am also bigger these days.  39 years old, around 180lbs, with a solid 16 years of daily bicycle lifestyle.

  Momentum and energy management had come to mind while riding big bikes, and over time, I have learned how to use my weight, and be purposeful in my movements.  The 29er proves to be a fast and durable bike.  I've been riding it on group road rides for the last few weeks.  Two weeks ago, it was a Sunday Morning ride with Velo Club Monterey out to Gizdich Ranch and back, totaling up a solid 80 miles.

   Last Sunday was cold, windy, with a bit of drizzle, so i turned to the dirt for a few hours.  This bike handles everything.  Road and dirt.


A compression sack neatly tucks under the handlebar.  I was amazed how much base layer clothing will fit in a 6x15" compression bag.


the bag also seemed to fit fairly well as a seatpost bag, however I think I'll need to work on the strapping method.  Subsequently I've picked up a second bag just like it. Next I'll be loading up a light weight summit type backpack.  img_1589_textmedium

   The direction is towards a super lightweight touring setup.  I suppose very much like Randonneuring but I guess with some sort of an American MTB Cafe Adventure Touring slant applied to the quest.

    At any rate... It's a rocking set up.  its fast, durable, and has style.