Ventura Kinetic Sculpture Race

 Every day Ventura is growing on me, or maybe its simply my attitude, but whatever it is, im having fun almost every day.  its all about FUN!  

Last night as i had sat around prep-ing my Moto Rapido for a ride that i was thinking to hook up with, as i remembered it was a loop up past Ojai, and into Rose Valley, all of which im still very new to.  I google Earth’d the area and found it was hills, and still being a bit apprehensive about my integration to the locals i choose the Moto Rapido for its gearing.

Alas as i was settling down to crash out, i remembered that Ventura has a Kinetic Sculpture Race, the 10th Annual was today.


  I opted to check out the scene, as opposed to a group ride.  I can do that every other weekend, but the Kinetic Sculpture Race is something i had wanted to check out for many years.  I had always lived some kind of vicarious occasion thru the internet surfing the rants about Arcata’s Kinetic Sculpture Race.  Just the concept alone spins the proverbial gears in my head.  




Last week it was 100f and SoCal on fire.  Today its 70F with showers.  those large drops, and 70F, the heat rising from the ground fills the senses, and i think of the tropics.  maybe not Panama, and maybe not really Hawaii, but at times it seems like it could.  maybe somewhere with a bit of elevation, as the clouds and showers stack against the hills.